Rug Services

At Anadol Rug Co., we are committed to providing outstanding customer service. Our professional expertise and services go beyond the point of sales and extend throughout the lifetime of our loyal customers




Products as luxurious as Anadol Rug Co’s deserve expert craftsmanship and care throughout the installation process. We are fully capable of installing Rugs in all types of living and working environments including residential, hospitality and commercial spaces.




We offer delivery service to all sorts of spaces, whether residential or commercial. Have your rug delivered to the room of your choice. Please contact your sales manager to schedule a delivery.



Cleaning & Maintenance

To care for your products, it's best to have them cleaned by professionals once per year. Contact your Anadol sales representative to learn how you can best care for your individual piece. 


Repair & Restoration

Oriental rugs can increase in value over time which is why they are highly regarded as heirlooms and investment pieces. On the other hand, neglect and lack of regular maintenance can cause damage to rugs that could drastically diminish their worth. We can repair and restore your oriental rugs which can bring back life to old, worn-out, and heavily damaged Persian rugs. For decades Anadol has been restoring and repairing Persian rugs & many other types of rugs.



Accurately assessing a rug’s price can be a difficult task. Many factors can greatly influence market value including decorating trends, size, color, and condition. Anadol is able to provide an expert, accurate appraisal of any antique rug. Rug appraisal is an important way to get information about the value, age & origin of your investment. Especially for insurance claims and estate purposes an Appraisal Certificate helps all parties in smooth resolution of matters. If you are interested in learning more about our appraisal services, please contact us




Planning for a special event, staging, photo shoot, set decorating or a temporary relocation. Anadol is pleased to offer short- and long-term rental options from our extensive collection of rugs. Whether you need a rug for a party or a longer-term event, Matt Camron can help you select the perfect piece that will match your timeframe. Would like to learn more about our rental options, please contact us