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Rug Collection Angora Oushak Size Square 11 Records

When the story of our company is told, it will be our Oushaks that will stand as the jewels in our crown. Our Antique Reproduction Angora Oushak Rugs marry ancient techniques that evoke a reverence of Earthen tones with bold floral motifs to form complex and unique works of art. Like an ageless heirloom given new life with lustrous contemporary palettes, our Angora Oushaks are meant to be lived with. This is why we use soft Angora blended wool for an unmatched underfoot feel and organic plant-based dyes-free of chemicals in every stage of manufacture - to make rugs safe for even newborn skin. Hand-knotted by local artisans as they have been for centuries, each of our Angora Oushaks takes months to be brought to life. The result is an emotional hand-woven art piece designed to conjure feelings of warmth and timeless serenity in every home they live in.